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Why Invest in a Pro Headshot?

Why Invest in Professional Headshot Photography?

Professional Headshot Photography AshevilleIn an ocean of phone selfies, a professional image is guaranteed to make you stand out. If you are involved in a field where you have to show yourself, be it on your company’s website, Linkedin profile, or even Facebook, hiring a professional photographer is a good investment that will bring return, increase the credibility, and success of your business.

Your image is the first impression you leave and people will often decide based on your image, whether they will work with you or not. If the image you put out to the world is a selfie, or a cellphone capture your friend took, you are sending out a signal to your audience and clientele, that you do not care enough about your business to present yourself in a professional manner. This reality applies not only in the business world, but also in the world or art, film, theater, and music.

When you invest in a professional quality headshot you elevate your game in the business world, lifting yourself up to a higher level, and help your business be seen and found. A quality professional image can get you the job, or the clients you want. People today have extremely short attention spans (think 5-10 seconds), and are likely to browse through hundreds of images daily in their social media feeds. When they see an image that is professional and captivating, they are much more likely to pause and invest their time and money with you. I have been involved in media and marketing for over two decades, and have experienced over and over again that professional images make a huge difference!

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