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Welcome to the world of headshot photography, where storytelling and human connection take center stage! 📸

People need stories. They weave a tapestry of connection and meaning in our lives, and that’s what I strive to capture through my work. A good photographer is also a storyteller, who works with you to convey your personal story to the world. As a photographer with over two decades of experience and a passion for storytelling, I believe that everyone has a unique story to share with the world.

In this age of selfies and AI generated images, there’s no denying that a genuine human touch is irreplaceable. My job is to create an image of you that not only captivates but also sparks curiosity in others to hear and see your story.

When you step into the studio, it’s all about you. I’ll take the time to get to know you, ask a few questions, and understand your needs, so we can craft the perfect image that resonates with your audience. If you’re new to professional headshots, no worries! I’ll be there to guide you through the entire experience, making sure it’s effortless and enjoyable.

My studio is a welcoming space that feels like your living room. Located just minutes away from downtown Asheville in the River Arts district, it’s the perfect spot to explore and unwind. Summit Coffee is just behind the building, and downstairs you will find an artisan food pantry.

My clients come from diverse backgrounds, from banks and big corporations to musicians, writers, and actors – the whole spectrum! No matter who I’m working with, my mission remains the same: to show people in their very best light. It brings me joy to deliver high quality, professional results that help my clients improve their lives.

Get ready to make a positive change, pursue your passions, and express your uniqueness out in the world. I can’t wait to work with you and capture your story!


Clients Include:

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A Few Favorite Testimonials:

“Leea has done the headshots for all of my staff. She gives stunning, consistent results, always achieving the desired look for my brand without fail. It’s so great to have complete confidence in a photographer.”

– Aomi, Business Owner

“Leea at Asheville Headshots is amazing! She made a person who does not like getting their photo taken feel very comfortable. She was quick and professional, and her studio is very relaxing. The photos turned out amazing, too, and I would NEVER say that about photos of myself! Highly recommend!”

– Mallory, Paralegal

“Leea is a true professional. There’s an attention to craft that’s unlike any photographer I’ve seen. She’s got all the tools and gadgets of a photographer that loves what she does. The studio is homey feeling and her preparation to capture you is uncanny. The prices are reasonable and even her shots unedited are beautiful. Her retouching is one of a kind. Getting headshots is indeed an investment of oneself, and Leea makes that a perfect investment. When I win an Oscar it’s going to be off one of Leea’s headshots hands down.

– Esmond, Actor

“In an area drowning in wedding and family photographers, finding someone who does quality portrait photography is incredibly difficult. Leea is an absolute storyteller with a camera. Her abilities in composition, timing, expression, and movement are unmatched in this area. If you’re looking for balanced, striking portraits that capture your personality, Leea has a keen eye for just that.”

– Stephen, IT Specialist

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