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What Should I Bring?

Bring at least two different shirts/tops along for your session. If you want to be photographed on a white background, then bring darker colors along, and no whites. Solid colors are recommended for a more timeless look, as patterns tend to distract the focus from you and can seem outdated in a few years. If you’re looking to stand out, consider wearing primary colors that pop, such as red, blue, yellow, green, black, etc. Midtones also work. Please arrive camera ready. The studio has basics such as an ironing board, hairspray, lint roller, etc. if needed for last minute corrections.

Hair & Makeup

For professional headshots (linkedin, company website, etc.), it is usually best to go with minimal makeup that you would wear for a normal work day. For women, it is highly recommended to wear foundation to even out skin tone. If you need your hair or makeup done professionally before the shoot, please let us know.

Getting a haircut on the day of your session is not always the best idea, as new haircuts take some time to get used to, and resulting images may not look like the self you are used to.

The Night Before..

It is generally recommended to stay away from eating too much salt or drinking alcohol the night before your session, as this can make you look bloated. Getting a good night’s rest will reduce dark circles. We do retouch all your final images, but nobody likes to look like a panda on their shoot! ­čÉ╝ So take it easy the night before, drink enough water, and rest up.

Arrival at the Studio

If you are running late or need to reschedule, please notify us at least 48 hrs prior. Last minute cancellations (less than 24 hrs) will reconstitute a re-booking fee. Directions to the studio are located here.

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Corporate Headshots

Need a corporate headshot in Asheville?

business headshots asheville

We got you covered. When you have a larger team of people (anywhere from 8-60) it is usually more convenient to cover everyone on the same day at a location of your choice. We can set up a mobile studio in your office, a hotel, or a conference center. The background options on location at an indoor setting are usually limited to white, grey, or black. Some textured backdrops are also available – just ask.

Asheville Headshots has worked with many companies on location in Asheville. The largest group we covered in one day was 80 people. When booking group headshots, discounts up to 60% are offered for larger groups. Get in touch for a quote!

Why Invest in a Pro Headshot?

Why Invest in Professional Headshot Photography?

In a sea of phone selfies, a professional headshot is guaranteed to make you stand out from the herd. If you are in any kind of business where you have to show yourself, be it on your company’s website, Linkedin profile, or even Facebook, hiring a professional photographer is a good investment that will bring return, and increase the visibility of your business.

Your image is the first impression you leave and people will often decide based on your image, whether they will work with you, or not. If the image you put out to the world is a selfie, or a cellphone capture your husband or a friend took, you are sending out a signal to your potential audience and clientele, that you do not care enough about your business to present yourself in a professional manner. Sound harsh? This is the reality of the visually based world we live in. This reality applies not only in the business world, but also in the world or art, film, theater, and music.

When you invest in a professional quality headshot, you up your game in the business world, lifting yourself up to a higher level, helping you and your business be seen, and found. A quality professional image can get you the job, or the clients you want. People today have extremely short attention spans (think 5-10 seconds), and are likely to browse through hundreds of images daily in their Instagram and Facebook feeds. When they see an image that is professional and captivating, they are much more likely to pause, and invest their time and money with you. Whether you like it or not, your image matters – a lot.

Should you bargain shop when looking for a headshot photographer? That all depends how much you value your business. It’s human nature to always look for the best deal. However, when it comes to hiring a photographer, this is not the smartest idea. The price range for professional headshot photography in Asheville, is typically between $200-300. We keep our pricing comparatively low, because we want everyone in Asheville to have access to high quality professional photography.

P.S Did you know that the average cost of professional headshot photography in New York City is $700-1000? How lucky you live in Asheville!

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