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Every actor knows the importance of a great headshot for launching your career. Casting agents and directors will typically spend only a few seconds browsing through each actor’s headshot, so make sure yours stands out!

The actor headshot session is 90 minutes long, and takes place in the studio, that is equipped with a dressing room and drinks. With ample time to experiment, we’ll explore various looks, outfits, and styles that showcase the many facets of your persona. We can also combine outdoor looks in your session.

Prior to your headshot appointment we may go over your previous headshots, and discuss wardrobe choices. After your session, the images are uploaded to a private online gallery, where you choose your final images for retouching. Typical image turn around time is 48 hrs or less from when you make your selections for editing. You get to keep all your images from the session, which is usually around 100 images.

The acting headshot session always includes multiple looks, a choice of backgrounds, and retouching for your selected finals.

Why You Need Professional Headshots for Acting

Professional actor headshots are a must for actors. They serve as the first impression, conveying an actor’s essence, versatility, and unique charisma to casting directors and industry professionals. It is the key that unlocks the doors to exciting roles, representing the actor’s commitment to their craft and their dedication to making a mark in the ever-evolving entertainment landscape. In an industry where first impressions are everything, professional headshots are an indispensable investment for any aspiring actor aiming to shine amidst the spotlight and forge an illustrious career path. Reach out if you are ready to unleash your potential and embrace the boundless opportunities that await in the world of acting!

What to wear for your headshot session?

With acting headshots the focus should be on your face and not what you are wearing. Therefore, it is highly recommended to wear solid colors, and stay way from distracting patterns. Always bring a few different top options along for your session. For men’s acting headshots, blue, grey, and black tend to work well. For women, wear colors that are complimentary to your skin tone. Bright colors can be fun for a look, but I recommend starting out with more neutral tones. Keep in mind that darker colors are slimming, if you are concerned about weight.

Should you wear makeup for headshots?

For women, I recommend basic, clean makeup that you would wear on a normal day. Avoid strong eye makeup and focus on a clean everyday look with good under eye coverage and foundation. If you prefer to have makeup done professionally, let me know and I can recommend some local makeup artists.

How many looks are included in the session?

2-3 looks are always included, depending on how many outfit changes you want. Looks can consist of  background, style and lighting changes. One look may be done outside also, if desired.